How to Choose A Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

How to Choose A Moving Company in Nairobi Kenya

Life is about choices. On many occasions, we have more than one option to choose from. In most cases it’s always a balancing act. It might be between cost, quality, time or many other factors. Choosing a moving company is not different. We have several moving companies in Nairobi Kenya to choose from.

As many other important choices, planning to relocate a home to a new neighborhood or an office to a new location can be a daunting task.

Change is invertible in life. And people have many reasons to change their houses or offices.  Some of the reasons people and organizations relocate are as follows:

  • Downsizing or upgrading due to change in financial status
  • Transfer to new job locations.
  • Looking for a more secure neighborhood
  • moving closer to a large market segment. The list is endless.

Whatever your reasons for relocating may be, this articles goes into details of helping you make the right choice of a moving company to use when faced this task.

Choosing the right moving company can make the transition seamless and stress free. Therefore here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a moving company to use when relocating an office or home to a new location.

1. Work with a registered moving company.

Registration only means they are licensed to do provide the services. Everybody wants to remove or avoid the stress involved during moving. One of the best ways to have a hassle free move is by hiring a professional moving company. If registered, it only means they people involved are serious with their work. It’s an income generating source for them which they will never want to ruin. Therefore you can expect your goods to be handled with utmost care. You will avoid unnecessary damage and breakages. And in case such an accident occurs you can be sure that the company with take care of it by either buying a new one or incurring the cost of repair depending on the situation and agreement.

2. Years of experience.

Working with a company with significant years of experience can save you a lot of stress. Since they have been offering this kind of services for some time, they understand all the stress involved and they already have solutions of how to deal with such things when they arise. They understand the dos and don’ts when it comes to relocating thus they will make your life very easy.

3. Do they provide packing

A good company should be in a position to provide all packing materials needed during the move. This in includes packing boxes, bubble wraps, corrugated, stretch films, blankets, creates etc. This will ensure you don’t have to hire a cleaning company to clean up the mess that is left behind after moving. But in case you are working with a tight budget you could communicate with them and let them know you will do all the packing yourself. The moving company crew will only come in with a truck and help loading and offloading at the final destination.

4. Recommendations, user feedback and reviews.

Before making the final decision on which company to use, get recommendations from friends and families who have moved before. Ask them about their experience and whether they got value for money.

You can as well go online a check a user feedback on a company testimonials page. You can find more feedback from reviews on Google and Facebook.  Something to note, real reviews will not be all good. You may have one or two or a few negative one. Find all five star ratings may mean “cheating”. People might have been paid to leave good ratings. This is not always the case as well.

This will give you confidence in making your final decision.

5. Moving Cost (moving company charges)

Someone may argue that this should have been top of the list. Though a critical factor, let moving cost charged by the moving company be the very last thing to look. Here is our argument. Let’s start with cheap moving companies. In most cases cheap may just mean low quality of service. They will just do the minimum they can. Therefore paying more sometimes is the best thing to do. But not always. Some companies have an established brand name thus may charge very exorbitant relocation costs, which may not match the service quality they are offering.

Therefore what we are trying to say is, look at all the decision making points. Don’t just focus on one. This will help you end up with the best service provider in the moving and relocation industry.

Those we just a few things to consider and hope they help you in making the decision. But here is a bonus.

Additional charges by moving companies

Some companies may not give a detail moving quote. They only bring up extra charges while moving you or delivering you at the final destination. Therefore ask for clarification once you receive the quote of the service description they will offer. Here are some of the additional and hidden charges that you might be charged be a moving company;

Accessorial Charges

Some moving companies lump all extra fees that don’t fall under any of the terms below and call them “Accessorial Charges.” These charges may include packing or unpacking services, extra pick-ups at a storage facility or disassembling furniture. To avoid this charge, make sure you’re ready for the movers before they arrive and that you ask the right questions.

Advanced Charges

These are fees for services provided by a professional other than the mover and can include a craftsman, DSTV Installations, TV mounting electrician, plumber or other third-party at your request. If these services are arranged through the moving company, the charges are billed to the mover who in turn, bills you.

Destination Accessibility

This usually sound like this “As final destination residence has not been surveyed, there may be additional charge in case of poor or difficult access during delivery.”

Customs Clearance

There are always custom fees associated with international moves. However, the mover might also charge you for clearing your goods through customs. Many international movers include this fee in their overall cost already but ask, just in case. If it is included, make sure this is clearly marked on your estimate.

You’ll also need to check with the country you’re moving to for details on what documents you will need and the import costs involved. Your international mover should also be able to provide you with more information on regulations and procedures surrounding the entry of your household belongings into another country.

Therefore communicate clearly what extra services you may need so that all will be included in the cost they will quote for you

Other important questions to ask before hiring a moving company:

  • How long will the move take?
  • How do I contact you and the driver during the move?
  • Will my items be transferred to another party along the way? Do you subcontract your moves?
  • Are there any potential charges I’m not already aware of? What additional moving supplies will I be paying for?
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Are there any restrictions on what and how I pack?
  • Will you pack specialty items, such as TVs and electronics?
  • Will this moving company be delivering my items or will another party be delivering them?

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