Understanding Moving Services in Nairobi Kenya

Understanding Moving Services in Nairobi Kenya

What Are Moving Services?

Moving services are services offered either by a moving company, family members or friends to help one relocate from one home or office. It involves movement of assets owned by the individual from their current location and delivery to their new acquired location or even a storage facility.

The relocation may involve different continents, countries, cities, neighborhoods down the street or even just changing the house and moving to the one next door.  Anyone who has ever relocated can testify that it can be time consuming, stressful and an expensive affair. And that is where profession moving services come in. So in this article we are going to dwell on relocation services as offered by a professional moving company.

Types of Moving Services

Someone might ask, what does a moving company do? To answer that first let’s look at types of moving services. We have two types of moving service: full service moves and partial services moves.

Full Service Moves

Is a type of relocation services offered by a moving company in which the handle all the aspects of the move from start to finish from: Providing packing materials, Do the packing, dissembling of furniture, loading to the lorry, transporting, offloading at final destination and full set up of your final destination which involves organizing and arranging the items in your new space.

Partial Service Moves

These are relocation services in which the owner of the house or office also called a client only assigns specific tasks to a moving services company while they handle the rest of the move on their own or through the help of family members or friends.

The choice of the type of move required will depend on a number of factors including the size of the move, distance to be covered and the budget allocated to the moving process. It’s important to note that full service moves will be more expensive than partial service moves. Find factors to consider when choosing a moving company.

Categories of Moving Services

Moving services can be classified into two main categories: residential moves and commercial moves.

Residential Moves

Also referred to as house moving services in most cases involves relocation of household items from one location to another. Mostly it involves individuals who are changing locations due to other factors such as change of place of work, rental cost etc.

Commercial moves

In most cases referred to as office moving services mainly involves transportation of business and office assets from one location to another. It may be a retail store or an organization changing locations.

Materials Required During Moving Services

During relocation, you will need to be organized to make the process easier. Whether you choose a full service or partial move, you will need some materials to help make the process stress free and efficient. Here is a list of materials required which will be provided by your moving company during the relocation:

  1. Moving Boxes. We have different types of boxes for different purposes: Packing boxes, wardrobe boxes, TV boxes and other specialty boxes.
  2. Moving blankets provide superior damage protection for furniture, cabinets and appliances during moving process.
  3. Wrappers is commonly used on furniture with drawers and doors, such as dressers, desks, hutches, chests, and sideboards, when moving. In addition, wrappers can add an extra layer of protection for artwork, couches, chairs and anything with cushions when moving. It can also be used to keep furniture parts together such as a table or bed that have been disassembled for the move.
  4. Stretch films
  5. Tapes

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